Born in the decade of spandex leggins and over use of animal-printed shirts. 
Nomad blood.
 From Portugal.

Hello! I'm Joana and I'm a photographer and an artist. 

Where I mostly feel at home is under the analog process, so, although occasionally I do some assignments with a digital format, I mostly shoot on film.

What I do is telling stories about what I observe – whether I tell them in the form of a visual story and/or a written text.

I’m fascinated by cinematography and by the poetry of the everyday life, so my inspiration mostly comes from what I see in my favorite non-rent-needed studio – the public space –, and there is where I am most of the time.
For me the public space is a beautiful dancing place full of a permanent metamorphosis and ephemeral encounters of transients who perform under a condition often automatized – compromised with the tensions of the everyday routines. 
So in one hand my photographic and artistic work is an attempt to capture the beauty I find in those everyday dances, in other – through public art specially– , an attempt to break them.

I have a former background in Landscape Architecture (2012), but this specific interest and approach for the dances of people and places, made me redirect my studies into Fine Arts. So, in 2014 I graduated with distinction by the M.A in Art and Design for the Public Space from Fine Arts Faculty at Universidade of Porto , with a thesis in Disruptive Practices in the Daily Routine - Analysis of a Creative Process in the Dancing Place of the City.

Currently I'm in sunny Portugal but worldwide projects and challenges are totally welcome. I speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish fluently.

No matter where or who you are, please do not hesitate in contacting for any further questions, proposals, or just for saying hi. It’s always great to be challenged, to team up, and/or to trade knowledge!

The cover photo is a portrait of me doing what I love the most. The credits of it belong to my dear friend Carmen Arese.
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