Telegrama de Rua [Street Telegram]

A collection of testimonies and traces left by passersby in documents glued on the walls of the city


A3 size posters 

From the series "Disruptive Practices in the Daily Routine: Analysis of a Creative Process in the Dancing Place of the City" (2012-2014), under the M.A in Art and Design for the Public Space at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto (FBAUP

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This project started in Porto on March 17th, 2013, also taking a second recreation on 17th May of the same year. The designation given in this exercise is a way to mock the disuse of a medium that, unlike a letter, was used to send short messages and urgent - a Telegram.
Nowadays, the presence of mobile phones and the internet save the job of handwriting with a more or less controlled letter, or wait in queues for their turn to courier services.
While the virtual world becomes faster and easier access, the proposal was to communicate physically, in a short or even urgent manner (if so desired) with the city and other gazes. The goal was also to interfere with passers routine, appealing them to complete the sentence "A (a) _____ um por dia não sabe o bem que lhe fazia" - which is a portuguese popular saying that is something has the same meaning of the english saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"  (where in that case, the gap would be in the apple word). 
The transients wrote so many different words and sometimes phrases, such as "juice"; "kiss", "alien", "hug", "laughter", "kindeness" (...)
A Hug
Less Fear
A Passion
A good deed/ kind attitude
Animal Sounds 
A Laughter
An Alien
Smile, Bath, Joint
A game victory to a northen football of Portugal , a Kiss , a glass of Macieira ( an alchoolic regional drink from Portugal)
An interview of the project published in Time Out Porto Magazine - June 2013

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