The Ballerina Disruption

Performance (20 minutes)

Ballet dancer: Rita Paupério

June 26, 2013, Rua de Santa Catarina, Porto 

From the series "Disruptive Practices in the Daily Routine: Analysis of a Creative Process in the Dancing Place of the City" (2012-2014), under the M.A in Art and Design for the Public Space at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto (FBAUP) 

In this project , a character who usually does not belong to the streets, is placed in a very busy street of Porto.
The project intention was to interfere in the paths and dynamics of everyday routine of passers by. And by bringing an unlikely element to the public space with some delicacy and subtlety, the frame (applying the definition of the author Erving Goffman) - the apparently predictable scenario of a city - is broken.

Despite the inspiration for this project have been the work of photographer Vivian Mayer as well as photographic and performative registers of Vito Acconci in New York, (as Following Piece project), this project is also associated with the Situationist concept of Psychogeography. The performative exercise that is proposed is an inverted method of psychogeography, which relates the invisible paths of pedestrians through the presence of a disruptive element that wander through the street with the classic and delicated ballet posture, building a alotopia (allos – other; topos – place).

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